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Pérez When looking for a production group for your next film or television project, turn to none other than LLeveLL Up Studios in Aurora, CO. Having more than 20 years of experience in business and marketing in various different industries, our team is more than capable of producing quality entertainment for your target audience.


Onder Asir President and CEO

detractively As the president of our company, Onder is in charge of managing the entire team. He ensures that the mission and core values of the company are put into practice. Onder has more than 20 years of experience in various fields, including business management and operating a professional martial arts studio. He also has a rich background in film production, working as a director, actor, and choreographer. Onder has a greater sense of purpose and passion for what he does in life. This dedication manifests itself in his duties as a leader through the standards he upholds. Besides filmmaking, Onder is a dog lover. He enjoys taking his furry friend to the park and lets all the other pups pile up on him. In addition, Onder regularly goes to the gym to keep his mind sharp and his body happy. Onder helped produce the feature films “Diamond In The Rough” and “Soul Custody” with one of LLEVELL UP’s partners, and is now working on the company’s first show. Onder also had the privilege to work on set with actors Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, which can be seen on Netflix.


Alec Story Vice President

Aquiraz Alec is responsible for overseeing the details of the company’s departments. If a project is too big for one person to handle, he can also fill in for the president. He is essentially recognized as the foundation of the company since his job involves seamlessly collaborating with members and partners both inside and outside the company. He plays an integral role in the direction of the company and its vision. Alec helped produce the feature films “Diamond In The Rough” and “Soul Custody” with one of LLEVELL UP’s partners, and is now working on the company’s first show.

Oner Asir

Oner Asir Vice President of Development

buy gabapentin 100mg for dogs Oner works hand in hand with the vice president and is the key leader in making strategic decisions in developing projects. He creates an environment that encourages interactivity and provides empowerment, support, and feedback. Aside from this, he corresponds with both internal and external parties to ensure the quality of all projects.

Oner has never been one to be misdirected from his passions, and working as an artist and entrepreneur for more than two decades is not accidental. His leadership and artistic skills in the martial arts and film industry have been catalysts to so many people of different ages to pursue their goals without fear. With these qualities and his passion, he will lead the future development of the company.

Oner believes that movement is the key to happiness. Even if he only does a boxing workout or lifts weights for an hour, he considers each exercise well worth his time. However, he can’t deny eating a good burger. His other hobbies include drawing, acting, and writing. He also enjoys performing new comedy material to audiences.


Richard Hoeft Executive Creative Writer

Richard provides the initial story for the company’s projects and also rewrites and polishes the scripts. He is skilled in creating plot lines, dialogues, characters, and situations. His job allows him to play an important role in maintaining the overall quality of production.

Richard is also an American actor known for his voiceover work in self-help audiobooks, most notably “Rapid Fat Loss Mastery” and “Building Your Night Habit.” He currently has 10 published audiobooks on Audible. His knack for performing started in high school, where he was actively involved in drama productions. One of his memorable roles is playing Tybalt in “Romeo and Juliet.”

In 2008, Richard successfully completed his first novel “Moonlight” as a senior project. He planned to have it published but he decided to enlist in the US Navy following his graduation. It wasn’t until 2013, upon returning to civilian life, that he began building his portfolio. Today, he is recognized for his contribution in the upcoming action and drama television series, “Iron Curtain.” He also has two other movies in production.

Apart from being a writer and actor, he is also a master cook. In fact, he has developed a reputation for beating other chefs in the kitchen.

Gaige Byerley

Gaige Byerley Executive Creative Writer

Gaige is responsible for writing the dialogue in the scripts and screenplays as well as researching for the story and developing the narrative. He also has a great influence over the creative direction and emotional impact of the company’s projects. Because of his work in a major city hospital, he was exposed to the realities of the world. Motivated by wanting to deliver a message and lend a helping hand to as many people as possible, he turned to creative writing. He then collaborated with one of his best friends to write a television show.

After catching the attention of several producers, Gaige is now a writer and a lead for the company’s creative department. In this role, he hopes to bring a sense of motivation and positivity by connecting with his audience on a personal level through film and television. He believes that with the help of the company, he can create relatable entertainment for everyone.

Aside from writing, Gaige also enjoys staying fit. He prefers running and martial arts to stay healthy.